Saturday, February 2, 2013

Getting Out of the Cold

We begin with an RV trip to Florida, warm, sunny Florida.  Wouldn't want to live there in the Summer, did so for 35 years and had enough.  But, with two children residing there we just had to visit them and the grands. 
This is my favorite thing to do when RVing, sketching.  I am not really an Artist, but I love to sketch kind of like a journal of things I see and places I go.  This is a photo that my DH took, unaware to me, of sketching outside of my camper in a State Park in Ormond Beach, Florida.  This started out to be a very nice, warm sunny day for about 3 days.

 Then we moved south to Palm Bay, Florida to visit a son, 3 days of semi-warmth but of course in Tennessee it was 25 and snowing.  Then on to a campground next to a new Walmart (how great is that) in Lakeland, Florida.
Warmer weather for three days, on to Tampa, where it is getting a little more of a sweater theme.
Visiting daughter's delightful family for a week we stayed at night at this campground surrounded by major big motor homes while we were a 20 ft. rv tag-along.
Okay, on our way home now and ready to go after about 3 weeks we stopped at a campground run by a County in Trenton - Chiefland, Fla. area called Oliver Spring Creek and Florida RVing friends (4 other couples) join in our camping experience there.  Easy for them as they only live 40 miles away.

This was a colder atmosphere but we had a nice big fire each night.  Fun going to a wonderful quilt shop, then dinner at an old home restored as a lovely resturant, wine tasting at a local winery (bought a few bottleds) antiquing and enjoying our friendships

. On our way home we stopped at a little campground in Georgia and the next day that town had a tornado.  Can you believe that?
Safe and sound now and back to my swapping on the Internet that I love to do, my crafts were awaiting. 
Today we are home, temperature outside was 12 this morning but now after two hours it is way up there at 29 degrees.  But I love Winter, its cuddle weather, fireplace roaring weather, and best of all soup weather.  But, still looking for Spring.,


  1. Sounds as if you had good Florida adventure. It has been a little cold at night here in SW Florida, but we've been warming up nicely during the day. Glad you missed that tornado!

  2. A great respite - a trip, just long enough to get in all the goodies and get home for your (brrr) taste of continuing winter.

    John Ruskin (Brit, writer, artist) said that the best way to enjoy the places one visits is to sketch them -- then you REALLY see where you are.

    1. Dh got his respite and I got to visit thrift stores.

  3. Nice to visit family. You got away from Ga. just in the nick of time. I'm originally from Michigan so winter is also a favorite season of mine. barbara