Friday, December 14, 2012

Always A Delight

Love holidays!  Always did when I worked in business world as it meant time off.
Now being retired, it is just fun to be able to drive around neighborhoods different times of the year just to see who decorates for a holiday being it Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

There is one particular home that I pass when going into town (Knoxville) to shop.  Every holiday they decorate an old truck according to the holiday theme.  Their property fronts on a rural road, not much traffic and it was easy for us (DH and I) to stop in the road to take a photo.  Every time they change the look for the specific holiday.  This of course being Christmas.  With Santa sitting in an old truck, a tree in the back and "HO! HO! HO! Letters against their fence.  It has lights of course but this was daytime. Notice he is carrying Rudolph in the back of the truck, nice touch.
I guess Valentines Day will be be continued.

  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!  Ho Ho Ho!


  1. What a fun neighbor and cool truck!

  2. Very creative people -- ho, ho, ho!

  3. We have an old truck stuck in a snow drift behind a barn. I have told my husband I want him to haul it into the yard (it has no motor) and I want to plant flowers in and around it. He thinks I am crazy. I can now show him these pictures and show him I am not the only one ;)