Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hey! It's Haying time

 Autumn is my favorite time of year as many of you bloggers and friends already know.

As the weather finally cools down I am usually in warm clothes sitting on my back deck admiring the changing colors of the trees and sadly enough some of my plants.

This morning while sipping my hot coffee I can hear sounds of motors running. I looked towards my backyard and in the field the farmers were cutting or mowing down the fields.  It is so interesting to me, as I am mostly a city girl, to watch this as there are three different machines they use and are done so fast.  You farm girls who are familiar with this action might just bring back memories but us city type girls it may be the first.

The only part I missed is when they picked up the rolls of hay and put them on a flatbed type truck and they are stacked three rolls high.  Just Amazing to me!  Do you know what these three photos are showing.? Can't this be set to music as a ballet?  I am so Americana.


  1. Framing has changed a lot in the 50 years since I lived on a farm. The top picture is raking the cut hay into "windrows" so the baler can pick it up easier. The second seems to be harrowing the field, breaking up the earth and at the same time chopping up the stubble from the cut hay. I don't know what that dumpy little squarish thing is, it seems to be picking up something. A mystery to me. The last picture is too far away, more mystery. Maybe someone else knows. I suspect fall haying is not as fragrant as spring haying. It looks like they were mostly baleing straw from whatever was in the field. I'll be interested if anyone else can add information.

  2. June the square thing is to pick up the hay and it rolls it then spits it out.