Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Never Saw This Before

I guess I am a city girl from New Jersey.  I consider myself much more a Southern girl these days as I have been in the South for a good portion of my life.

I have pictures of cows, horses and all of Gods Creatures but I have never seen this before and I thought I would share it.
Just around the corner from my home is this milk farm.  All those wonderful black and white cows but I never saw any newborns.  DH told me that this is where they keep the newborns until they are old enough to be out in the field because they are protected against any predators.  I would also assume they didn't want them taking milk from their mothers all the time either. After all the farmer sells this milk.  I just hate to see any four legged animal caged up but do understand.

I just thought this was interesting to see for those who did not grow up on a farm. Here is one of the Momma's, not to sure of me I think.


  1. We have the new problem of coyotes in our area, so protecting the young takes a bit of effort. Some of the farmers here have added donkeys to their herds because they're so protective of their group, and noisy. I hear the donkeys braying for several miles. Also, those big herd dogs are becoming very popular too...I think they're Anatolian (Turkish) sheep dogs.

  2. It's good to hear from Lesa about what dairy farmers have to do today to protect their cows. I'm not familiar with really large dairy operations as this one seems to be. the milk bucket arrangement is interesting. I wonder if those buckets hold milk and have a large nipple attachment at the bottom as I've see on buckets used for feeding young calves or other young animals. Of course if there are nipples on the buckets they would not show in your pictures because they would be on the side where the calves are. Interesting.