Sunday, October 28, 2012

Behind That Green Door

To me when I see an old barn that has been seen its day, I am always wondering, who does it belong to now?.  Did the relatives of the departed who did own the barn forget about it? They do cover our landscape and some day, in the future, a lot of them will just be laying flat on the ground covered with weeds and forgotten. I photographed this barn while traveling a highway. I had to go back to it as I passed by too fast to look closer. 

The green door is what grabbed my attention and eye. Then I noticed the little door on the side and I wondered what that was for, the size so small.  After taking the photo I noticed a red cardinal on a branch in front of the open door about to take wing.  I can just imagine this old barn in the middle of a field that now has a fast highway in front of it.  To a writer this may give an idea, a prompt for a story.


  1. I wonder what/if anyone else thinks about old barns. My husband LOVES barns. He'd be happy to renovate one and live in it. Or build one in the back yard. When we are driving and spot an old barn it has been our family joke for the past 40 years for someone to say "There's a barn for Papa!"

  2. I think old barns have character. The ones around our house have tobacco in them now. I love the smell and love to see the smoke laying heavy in the early morning. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great photos. Especially like the tonal quality of the first -- colors very earthy. -- barbara

    1. Thank you Barbara, You take such wonderful photos yourself that I take your comment with great thanks.