Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget

 This is how New York City skyline should look today, the top left and bottom right.   It doesn't and we will never forget why.  I had the opportunity back in the late 70's to visit and go up to the very top of the Twin Towers.

Over the years I had forgotten how marverlous that was to stand on the very top of the building with the wind making it almost impossible to stay any longer than a few minutes.  However, in those few minutes the surrounds of this Twin Towers with all the building that seemed so much smaller than this one was brought back to me on September 11, 2001.

  Hard to believe that it was eleven years ago that hateful people from another country destroyed thousands of lives. I have not been back to see the sacred area there or the new building going up.  I want to remember it as it was and I will never forget then or now.  We must protect our America, people have died for it.

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  1. First: your header photo is beautiful.

    Yes, today is the anniversary of that tragic day. I was not far away, my feelings then were numbed and as they began to focus became mixed in many ways and for many reasons. America changed that day and not entirely for the good. It's still painful; so that is all I can say, perhaps all I'll ever want to say.