Monday, September 3, 2012

Labour Day 2012

or is it Labor?  To all those mothers deliverying this day I say congratulations you are truly laboring while all the actual laborers or labourers are celebrating differently.
I must have had labor day on my mind last night as I took this photo of a Possum attacking the Cherrios DH put in a bird feeder that morning.  My question is.......Notice this photo.  I swear I see a baby under her tail. To me it looks as if she was delivering it but DH says I am imagining things that it is just her leg. If this photo can adjust to a larger scale when you click on, you tell me who is right..just a tail or a little baby possum being carried by his or her mother.  After all it was labor day weekend. She ate all the Cherrios.


  1. I have to agree with your husband. But this is a wonderful picture. They're not pretty animals at all but they all gotta eat, don't they.

  2. Sure looks like a baby to me, but I'm sure the mother would have better sense than to try to leap up to the bird feeder while in labor (unless she got stuck)