Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tourist Haven - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

It is always amazing to me to see what this town manages to build each year and it is always something different.  I live about 15 miles (on the quiet side of the Smokies) from this town and try hard not to go near it during the summer as it is always bumper to bumper traffic.
  Dollywood has been the main attraction here for many years and before her name got on it, it was Silver Dollar City.  Dolly who lived in Sevierville, Tennesse came back and lent her name to this Entertainment Park.
 When I lived in Sevierville back 10 yrs ago I worked for three seasons at Dollywood in their Old General Store, wearing costumes to befit the place.  It was a lot of fun.  You could pretty well tell them what dates you could work and whether it was 5, 6, or 3 days in aweek.  Pretty fun meeting all kinds of people from all over the world.  Then I retired completely from everything and went full time rving with my DH. That's enough about me.
 I took a drive, as I do every once in awhile, mostly Fall and Winter, to the streets of Pigeon Forge.  This time I was amazed at the following pictures I took. In one section of a block they put up a spooky castle as shown. As you are about a mile away, I saw this gorilla climbing a building.  Let me tell you, it looked so real.  It is for a building housing movie memorabilia, like a wax museum (remember the movie with Vincent Price? - scared me half to death.)

I am always interested in architecture. I can be something like this or some modern buildings or just plain art.  I hope you enjoy seeing this too and come on down to see it yourself, we even have the Titanic. The artististic abilities, amazing. What will next year bring?


  1. Oh my God, they've gone plumb crazy out here in Pigeon Forge! The pseudo Mt. Rushmore is okay but the rest is just too much, especially King Kong.

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