Thursday, July 5, 2012

Old to New -The Udder Story

Always, when driving through areas other than my own,I may see something to photograph that may present a story in my mind or a deep thought.

This photo of Sweetwater Cheese Factory in the ooooold days, all closed up with the windows bricked, gave thought to myself, getting old but not quite yet bricked up.  Then as I traveled further down the road, maybe 2 or 3 miles towards home I spotted another cheese factory sign, the same owners who decided to commercialize their product of cheese with a cute sign and bigger barn instead of a brick building.

Seems sad to me that the old building is just standing there alone maybe just waiting for new inhabitants or for nostalgic people like me to photograph it.  Which I did.
But, the new barn and cute sign drew me into the cheese factory store to buy their wares.

I thought it almost parallel to us getting older and all the things we see advertised in magazines, on the internet geared to the young, to the new.  Ah well, we did have a great time during those years when that old cheese factory was the pulse of the sweet town.  The town called SWEETWATER.


  1. The old factory has dignity, even in it's sad state. The new building looks cheap and a bit tacky and the sign -- ye gods! I hope they still make good cheese.

  2. Yes they do. I guess it's like us , dignity not cheap!

  3. Excellent post. Liked the metaphors. Especially liked the fantastic old cheese factory. -- barbara

  4. Glad you liked it Barbarbara. Love your photos on your blog.