Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New York City

When I was little my favorite place in New York City was to go to the Bronx Zoo.  My second best place was to the circus playing at Madison Square Garden.  Ringling Brothers circus where I first saw my Gargantuous Gorilla.

  As I grew older my favorites became any and all museums in the City. Metropolitan Museum of Art where it takes you a week just looking at everything there.  The Guggenheim Museum of modern and contemporary art another favorite.

                                                             Guggenheim Museum

                                                          Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Bronx Zoo in the Bronxboro of New York City is one of the worlds largest metropolitan zoos in the world.  It houses over 600 spiecies. I am sure over the many years since I have been there the zoo has increased its inhabitance.  Me, I loved the snake house.  Having no desire to hold one or see one slinking in my backyard, but it intriqued me enough to visit them at the time.

I have always held a feeling for animals since little and to this day I can cry at advertisements on the television when they seemed hurt.  I can't even watch a movie with an animal if I think they are hurt in anyway.  I don't care it says at the end of the movie "No animal was hurt during the filmining". 
In enjoyed doing a theme of THE ZOO for a swap and here is my rendition of a Zoo for my swapper who is in Sweden.  Hope you enjoy my revisiting NYC.


  1. Great zoo quilt! I've only been to the Bronx Zoo once, back around 1970. It was so different from zoos I was used to out west! My son's favorite thing was to take the train in from Bernardsville, NJ, and use the subway entrance to the Museum of Natural History. We spend quite a few days on the 3rd and 4th floor dinosaur exhibits!

  2. Forgot to meantion Museum of Natural History too.
    We would take the train from Elizabeth, N.J. so much fun.
    Thanks for checking my blog.,

  3. I would love to visit that Zoo and NYC someday! Your swap piece is very nice. You asked about my cards and crafts, I do use my cards for birthdays, as gifts and swaps. Thanks for visiting my craft room.

  4. Yes I did enjoy! thanks so much. I grew up visiting my cousins in NJ ... but we never went to the zoo.....

    I was hopping through all the links on Karen's Where Bloggers Create list...and that's what brought me here. Please do let me know if you post your workspace...as I would love to see it. I'd be happy to pop back in here and have a peek. In the meantime, feel free to check out my creative space.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina
    your newest follower!

  5. My aunt lives in Elizabeth, New Jersey.....aw I do miss those fun and hot summer days.
    I'm from Canada, by the way!

    ciao again
    creative carmelina

  6. I think Blogger cut off the top of your picture --I've had that happen to my pictures too. The Bronx Zoo is one of NYC's wonders and the museums -- well they don't get better. Thank heavens there have been so many great painters and many were very prolific, so the wonders are spread out among the world's museums. New York doesn't have the Mona Lisa or the Sistine Chapel ceiling ... so great art can be seen many places. I've been to the wonderful zoo in San Diego but I do believe the Bronx Zoo may be the world's best, most others in the world are smaller.