Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We're Baaaack!

During the past three years I have had this watering can that looks like a large ladybug sitting on my deck.  Each year Blue birds check it out and usually deposit three beautiful blue eggs.  I see the babies in there after they hatch but never again after that. 
This year Mr. and Mrs. BB again, and I think they are the same birds, decided to make a home in it. After the babies hatched I noticed one morning feathers strewn about.  I think a cat or critter came up during the night, knocked over the ladybug and got Mrs BB.  Now, I am much more vigilant to see that doesn't happen again. 
I really believe the bird shown here trusts me as he lets me get closer to the nest.
It is Mr. BB who has taken on the responsibility of feeding the babies.  Thank goodness as I was ready to feed them by dropper myself.  You don't mess with my birds.


  1. Nasty cat! How can anything be so greedy (hungry?) that it would kill a beautiful bluebird?

  2. The bad part is that the four little birds are deceased. I think they missed
    their Mom and even Dad BB is sad as he keeps hanging around just looking.
    But he did try.