Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cemetery of Tractors

This drives me crazy.  The wastefulness of perfectly great tractors and implements that are
just toss in a pile on some vacant land.  I pass by this almost weekly going to town and today when I passed by there were more than this. 
I realize the guy who owns this land sells parts from these work horses.  I have seen cars piled on top of each other as metal scrap but this was a first for me.  Its not a pretty picture, it just seems so wasteful.  It doesn't do much for the landscape either. I wonder what will be next piled up, FEMA trailers?


  1. They do look pretty out of date and if they were used hard, they probably needed repairs the farmer couldn't afford. I remember my father often having to fix his tractor or other farm equipment. If the guy sells parts that's something. You're right it certainly isn't pretty.

    I was most appalled some years ago driving from Tucson to Tombstone, Arizona when I saw dozens of airplanes all parked -- but in neat lines -- in the dessert. Just stashed there, maybe they're still there. All those tractors don't add up to the price of one airplane. What a wasteful society we are

  2. Are you outside the city limits? Guess he's not violating any codes but you'd think for efficiency's sake he would at least organize the tractors. Would make it a lot easier for him to scavenge the parts. I say "he" because you know that if this lot belonged to a woman she would totally have it grouped by model, style and color!