Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Wanna Go Too

I had to share this picture on my blog.  When we are leaving to go shopping or to the doctor's office, or just to run about in the car, this is Katie.  I know most of you have seen her before on my blog but this picture says it all.  "I wanna go too" is just the right expression on her, don't you think?  Most of the time this does work and we eventually end up taking her with us.
( She really is a person in disguise as a dog!)


  1. Isn't she a little doll-just too cute. Like my little maggie mae with one black eye, one white eye. My friend has a boston terrier named Baby Girl and she is a ball of fun-I love to watch her play with a ball-they are our little furry children for sure!

  2. ohhhh she is just darling! I know her and my Lily Lee would have a ball playing together!