Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo Challenge for February 25th and Feb. 26th

The Word for today is Green.
I did not put up anything for two previous days (23rd and 24th) because I thought the words too uninteresting.
One was "your shoes" - mine are nothing to even see and for the 24th "Inside your bathroom cabinet". Now, I really would rather no one look inside my bathroom cabinet, besides it is a closet not a cabinet. How many time when you were at someone's home and had to use the bathroom did you sneek a peek at what was in their medicine cabinet?  Well, no one is going to enter mine and the guest bathroom does not have one.  Some things have to remain private to the blogger world. 
                                        This is for the 26th which is    "NIGHT"
                                      This is the 25th which is "Green" as above shows .
February 27th, 28th and 29th may prove interesting too.  Then you will no longer have to put up with my word challenge.  March should blow in fierce but go out like a lamb or so they say.

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