Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photo Challenge 21- Words "A Fave Photo of You"

Challenge for February 21 is "A Fave Photo of you"

I have a couple of favorites during 76 years but this has to be my very favorite.
I am about 8 yrs. old and it is during WWII about 1944 or 43.  Victory gardens were
being put in everyone's back yard and my father had an enormous one.  I did a lot of
tendering with him in this yard and one of my fondest memories of he and I.
This is my picture watering the biggest cabbage head I had ever seen and I do believe
I still believed in cabbage patch kids (not the doll in later years, but real kids).
How naive children were in those war days as we still believed in what our parents
told us.  The picture is a little worn and tattered almost like me now.

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