Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trip To Savannah, Georgia

Our yearly jaunt with 5 other couples just ended this week.
We all rented a house on Tybee Island outside of Savannah for four days.
The house was built the end of the 1900 century around 1893 and owned now by a family who uses it to hold reunions and parties.  We rented it from them.
It was amazing to go into this home with all these large floor to ceiling rooms.  I am showing you a photo of what was told to us to be a water heated radiator that kept the food warm in the dining room.
We would walk to the beach about a block away but the weather was cold so jackets or coats was the fashion of the day. 
Some of us went to the Island to do some boutique style stores, while others went to a Fort or to the Lighthouse.  Had dinner one night at Uncle Bubba's (Paula Deen's brothers resturant) and since Shrimp and Grits is one of their special meals, I tried it.  It was so rich and creamy, not at all what I have had before, and I got sick that night.  Too rich for my taste.
This home is near the lighthouse and a fort so the homes were built to house the military genteel.They called it Officers Row and ours was Number 9.
I always wanted to buy an old home like that, maybe a bit smaller but on the same design.  Heat rises you know, that heater was going like crazy. I can imagine the electric bill. It was obvious that maintenance on it was a big job.  Even the clawfoot bathtub, that I always loved, was hard to get in and out of.  So any thoughts of doing that went flying out the painted shut windows. Give me a one story home now.  Oh! Thats what I got.

The home was haunted.   I have a picture of the staircase that went up three floors and you can see a shadow of a figure.  Heard footsteps when everyone was asleep  Yes we did, my girlfriend and I.  Fun, really.  Thinking of maybe doing a story about ghosts now.


  1. What a beautiful house, and haunted too, wow! Sounds like a great trip, sorry you got sick!

  2. A three story house like that makes stairs very doable -- except when you have to share them with a ghost. Do write a ghost story -- sounds like good inspiration.

  3. If you're interested in plantation ghosts, you might like reading this article that I wrote for the local newspaper, based on interviews with people who owned the plantation:

  4. Oh what fun to do an annual get together with friends.....And ghosts LOL!