Monday, December 5, 2011

Doors. doors. doors!

As my Dh and I travelled around different states I was always looking at homes we would past by.
The first is a door on an old building that is used as a Community Theatre in Savannah or Charleston.

This is the door for the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas

This door is in Maryland

The old homes were my favorite along with those that people restored.  No telling how many people past through these doors and when.  There is always a story.  I have seen some marvelous old doors on other blogs so I thought I would also show mine from time to time.  Maybe I should do another blog with just photos as is done in a blog called Picayune Photos by Barbara.  Her photos are really fantastic to look at and what I say is "she certainly has the eye".  Gave me the incentive to look.


  1. Love pictures of doors and this is an interesting collection. You remind me that I have a door photo collection -- but none are digital.

  2. Scan those photos into your picture library so we can see them.

  3. I love seeing anything with history, fun to notice the doors!

  4. Great doors! I used to take pics of windows. I thought they would make a great coffeetable book. I had forgotten all about that project until I saw your doors. Humm...maybe something I need to dig up. It's amazing when we look UP especially at old buildings. Thanks for the post.