Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Back from our Christmas in Florida to visit daughter.  While there my daughter from D.C. came and gave me this ornament.  She knows I love anything to do with Boston Terriers.  Besides, she gave me get a Boston Terrier Tshirt and Boston Terrier Slippers, this ornament was so cute. However being sent via mail it got broken a bit.
 Ironically I have a real Boston Terrier with a cigar in his mouth photo taken last summer.  Just had to share this on my blog. DH cut a cigar and inserted it into the ornament and saved the day. It now stands with my collection.   Too cute not to share.   HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU BLOGGERS! and FRIENDS!


  1. They look like old fashioned politicians.

  2. This is funny...and cute. We went to Florida for Christmas with our daughter too. She works for Disney and of course that is the busiest time there, so we go to her. We also love dogs around here. We have a 15 1/2 year old beagle who is failing and so we opted to get a puppy before anything happened to our old girl. So, we have an almost 4 month old beagle pup too. It went from a very quiet house to a crazy house very quickly!

  3. Sooooo cute!! I have friend who has a Boston Terrier(Baby Girl), I gave her an ornament that was a little stocking with a boston terrier peeking out and some Boston Terrier PJ's. Your ornament is fun!