Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Visit to Asheville, N.C.

Even though N.C. and especially Asheville is just a drive over the mountains, I only get to go there twice a year, but after this past week I might make it more like once a month.

Besides the beautiful weather and the fall color it has so much talent there.  Artist are presenting their
wares in all the shops.  I stayed at Black Mountain and their little shopping area is so cool.  I did manage to buy a couple of things and being with my daughter I was a recepient of a few more items via her
generousity.  We  went to the Farmers Market which is open every day and it was amazing to see
all the fruits, vegggies and handmade items for sale.  I even commented to one of the suppliers there how beautiful and fresh everything looked.  Prices were not bad at all either and I managed to purchase a few items.  Then we went to Wayneville, N.C. just a 10 minute drive and walked their little town.  Once again amazed at all the talent there.  I bought a beautiful necklace (yes, for me).

We took our little boston terrier Katie with us and since she was a little cold we put on h er sweater. I noticed though that you can tell dog lovers from non-dog lovers.  How?  Well those that looked and
smiled at Katie in her kelly green sweater and did a few ah!'s to those who just walked on by, nose in
                                                Farmers Market - Asheville, N.C.
                                                    Miss Katie with her master.
                                              Sun Flowers of course.
  I think I will put a picture of her with my dear husband for you who are dog people.  Ah!!!


  1. Oh, my, I wish I were there with you -- it sounds like a lovely, lovely trip. And Katie looks like her real name should be Kelly.

  2. Definetely a dog person! Katie sure is a cutie!

  3. How could anyone pass by and not acknowledge Katie. She is a sweetie. You are lucky to have such wonderful place to visit -- and just over the mountain. Nice post -- barbara

  4. Thanks for sharing- it''s so nice to visit elsewhwere even if it is vacariuosly

  5. Isn't Asheville where that beautiful museum/house is? Biltmore Estates? My mom had a friend who lived in Asheville and went back a few years ago to visit. How fun!

    Visiting you from SwapBot!
    Sarah (lostinavalon)

  6. Everything looks wonderful! And how could anyone not oohhh and ahhhh at Katie?! She's the cutest thing ever!....And yes I'm a "pet person" *winks*
    Thank you Diane for giving me your opinion on the hardwood floors......You might have just swayed me from the darker floors. Having 4 furbabies that shed, the darker floors just might drive me out of my mind!....And truthfully there doesn't seem to be that much of my "mind left lol! Vanna

  7. Love your photos and stories, their very descriptive and interesting.

    -Iggygirl Check out my blog#5