Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bird Bath - Pondering should I or shouldn't I

I took this photo and made a few postcards of it for a swap.  The more I looked at it the
more it looked like the bird was also made of stone as is the birdbath.  It just came out
this way and was not photoshopped at all.  Sometimes you can really get surprised
with what you as a novice photographer can get.  This has become one of my second
favorite photo (outside of family photos of course.)


  1. Yes, it does look like the bird is stone. If you remove some of the shadows maybe it would -- can you do that on your computer? That's something I do a lot with my photos on the program on my Mac [it is not Photoshop] I also remember some wonderful hummingbird photos you posted.

  2. I love that birdbath. It's very unusual and the bird does look like part of it. Great picture!

  3. I think the "shadow" on it makes it all look like stone. It was done without a flash and an overcast day.

  4. It does, indeed, look like a stone bird. Very nice shot...
    Here's hoping Cain can hang on long enuf to get the nomination..I am so afraid he will run out of money..and just heard Obama has 70 MILLION in money for his campaign. :(

  5. O, and meant to add that I am catching up with you in age..will be 74 in Dec....NEW YEAR'S EVE.!!