Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer 2011

Summer is not my favorite season, too hot. But then again I would like to share with you what summer after spring has brought to me.

This is my first year of growing Zinnias from seed and they do so well and stand up so majestically through the hot weather. Another scene is my lower back deck where I planted, some by see other by plants. I hope you enjoy seeing them in all their glory. Monarch butterflies sure love them.


  1. Hi from Selene16 - over at Swap bot and the Read my Blog! NEWBIE FRIENDLY swap.

    I'm sat here wondering what to write in a comment to you - not because I'm finding it hard persay but more that I have so much I want to say I don't know where to start! So sorry for the ramble.

    I cannot pass by without exclaming on what a gorgeous dog Kate is! Loved the picture of her sat at the table - was just trying to think how unhappy my dog would be if I tried to sit her there, but your Kate looks right at home.

    Your pictures are lovely - how amazing it must be to see all you do from your deck. The deer would have blown me away. The way you manage to capture some pictures makes me feel like I'm being drawn in there espechally the one from Fort Mountain of the trees over the misty lake.

    The poems you write every now and again are lovely, as are your crafts, what a talent you have.

    I look forward to seeing more for you blog in the future, I am defenatly a follower here to stay. Thank you swap bot!

    Sarah x

  2. Hello again! This is Elle (elleboheme) from Read My Blog! swap over at swap-bot. I love the colors of summer flowers. Being in Singapore we only have two types of weather HUMID AND HOT!

    Katie looks so adorable and I really am inspired by your blog and of course the poem that you've posted - I have it in your own handwriting!

    I have never seen a barn in real life but like you I have an affinity for them so envious!

    Thank you for your kind words to my story, until now I cherish it! :)

  3. Hello ! This is CinnamonMiaw from Read my blog swap (:

    I'm a fan of Photography so I must say that I loved your pictures ! Those flowers are gorgeous. I bet my mother would love them since she adores every kind of flowers. I do too but not as much as her.

    I am writing from Portugal (:

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  5. What a lovely garden, and the butterflies are wonderful. Summer is filled with fun times!

    Dakini55 via swap bot

  6. Love the flower pictures -- to me zinnias mean summer more than any other flower.

  7. Diane -- zinnias are an old time flower. I used to grow several varieties of the old heirloom kind. Like June they do remind me of summer too -- barbara

  8. "Shoppin Robin" from swap-bot stopping by to check out your blog :) I love your garden layout. Your flowers are so pretty & your photos have really captured them beautifully!