Thursday, July 21, 2011

Next Size Up!

I have been "quilting" for a short period of time. I am always reluctant to try anything too large in the sewing arena, I want to show you my latest.

I have done dotee dolls (seen on flickr account), fabric Artist Trading Cards and Fabric postcards and fabric journals. Then I got a little confident, not much but a little, and did a wall hanging for my grandaughter and lap quilts for my 4 grandsons. Now I have graduate to a little larger size and I don't know if you would call it a babyquilt or adult lap quilt. I have not perfected this to the extent I would like but I am trying. I try to do patterns that I like and most of them are easy to do as is this one. It is a quilt top from strips and sewed to gether. Now, I was in a swap for these blocks so there are a few of mine and a few done by others, then I did the backing which is black with tiny hearts of color over it. I also finished it in envelope style because I find that easy for me. Next time I will go up a level.

I am currently working on another top which will be very colorful, I do love color which I will show on my blog when finished.


  1. Neat quilt! My mom did a swap quilt this past winter for charity. It was her first quilting experience and she was so pleased with herself! They are quite a great accomplishment!

  2. Nice, nice quilt -- love all the scraps which give it vitality and the stripping which keeps it coherent. Good going!

  3. Great job! The sashings are very nice. Love string quilts.

  4. Diane the string quilt looks great! I hadn't thought to put them together with a sashing, but iut looks fabulous! So I may actually do something with all my swapped blocks now!! Hey! I think I recognize one of those little blocks!! LOL