Monday, June 27, 2011

Weather or Not

This is a photo of the sky from my deck while I was having my morning coffee.

I think these are stratus clouds but not sure.

All of a sudden they were there and moving quickly.

It started to come down bucket full as we took down our awning covering the deck.

After the short storm the sun came out and up went the awning covering the deck.

I had an AHA moment to write about it, so here is my insight.

Weather or Not

Enjoying my coffee while sitting on our deck,

watching the clouds moving in the sky

Trying to remember my science class learning

were they cumulous or stratus I see

Suddently turning from a cotton white to a gray,

Like a zipper exposing what lies within, they open

pouring rain down on me.

Rushing inside so as not to get wet,

Coffee in hand looking back with regret,

my morning routine having been upset.

We have no control if it rains or not,

so tomorrow I will have my coffee

again in that spot.

by Diane - Ladydy5


  1. Cool photo!
    It's a sunny day..haven't had too many of them lately...
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Deb :)

  2. They're not cumulus, so I guess they're stratus or maybe some other name. Anyway the poem works -- and do carry on enjoying your deck.

  3. Beautiful stormy sky photos. Watching a storm move in is so mystical. Good way to start your day -- coffee outside on your deck. -- barbara

  4. Diane,

    Love reading your poetry and looking at your photography. What a wonderful way to begin each day!

    Your Friend,