Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rings of Gold - Poetry

I use the word poetry I guess but sometimes when I see an object it immediately brings thoughts into my head. I am by no means versed in writing but I do try and would liketo share this poem for a Swap on my fabulous web site, for a picture prompt.

Picture prompt:

A picture is put up for a swap. Anyone a member of swap-bot, who would like to join, sends their idea from the picture in either poem or story form. This was my swap and I put a picture of two wedding rings.

___Rings of Gold_____

Two people brought together with two

rings of gold,

Hoping together to grow old,

But rings of gold, as precious metal they are,

Cannot predict tribulations by far.

Time goes by too fast, be sure

As the rings of gold may last

nothing else remains as pure.

by Ladydy5 aka Diane

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  1. Strange to say, when I click the title of the post and not the title of the blog, I find I cannot leave a comment. But when I click the title of the blog, I can leave a comment as I'm doing.

    Comment is that I like that the poem reflects the lessons of a lived life, not a sappy happy ever after dream. It's not to say that marriage isn't happy but that it changes from those perfect expectations.