Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not Stained Glass

Found an old window a year or so ago and decided to paint birds on it.

I tried with some glass paint but it seemed too light. I thought I would use

acrylic paint instead and it worked. I do have to touch up the birds every

year but I just love it as it hangs (thanks to dear husband) under the upper

deck through rain, shine, snow and anything handed to it by nature.

In fact the recent hail storm we had did more damage to my window

screens than this window.

In fact it is about time to add a little more color to it.


  1. Very pretty -- what a good idea. Is the painting actually on the outside to be harmed by the weather or is it inside and fades from the sun so it needs touching up?

  2. Diane, Hi , I love you window , I too have done this before,I have some on my blog and I am working on one to look like a quilt, I ran into a difficult time, so I put it away,I need to get it back out and finish it.
    I like that your husband secured it like that.
    The one I have started is for my Mom and it would look good hanging out side with all the other yard art we did recently.