Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fort Mountain, Georgia Campground

Camping in our RV for four days in a beautiful state park called Fort Mountain in Georgia.

The spot was lovely and cool with just the right amount of sunshine which made it nice as we

had a site that overlooked a large lake. Did a bit a walking which I really needed and was surprised that I kept up as well as I did with DH and another couple we met there.

This picture was taken the morning at 7 A.M as we were getting ready to leave for home.The fog on the water was just rolling in. Another picture my dear husband took of me and my Katie dog walking up a path around the lake.

This waterfall was beautiful to look at and to walk around as we stopped on our way out ofthe park.

Click on the photos for a better view if you like.


  1. For some reason the photos won't enlarge when I click them. I like the one you and doggie walking best.

  2. Diane -- what a beautiful park. Glad to see Katie is there too -- she is such a cute dog. Nice photos -- barbara

  3. Diane,

    I hope you had a wonderful time 'being'. The park looks beautiful. I especially like the photograph of the lake with the early morning fog.
    I just read your profile and so sad that you lost your dog of 16 years. I lost my Cairn Terrier this past January.

    Katie looks like a sweet heart. I know Bostons (like all terriers) are high energy and love/need their walks!

    The sketch book challenge sounds interesting. I will check it out and perhaps participate.

    Your Friend,