Monday, April 4, 2011

Whoo Whoo!

Noting that I love birds, amazing colors, antics and just plain "flighty" - excuse the pun.

While in Florida during Spring Break my 12 yr. old grandson went to an aquarium where he spotted (another pun) an owl. Being MY grandson he decided to photograph it and I am sure he did it just for me. It is now my background for my computer. I look at it everyday as I use my computer so I reflect on Mr. or Mrs. Owl (still can't decide) as to what she/he might be saying to us. If you enhance this photo by clicking on it you get a b etter idea of what I mean. Seems to be saying "Look, I've been up all night, get your darn photo" or what does he/she say to you?.


  1. "Whoooo wants to sleep through a bright sunny day?"