Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two Sure Elements of Spring!

Rather than bore you will a bunch of separte entries on my blog, this time I thought I would put together two photos I just took outside my home that surely represents Spring.

This week in Knoxville,Tennessee is The Dogwood Festival. You go down dedicated streets in the residential areas that are marked with dogwood flowers printed on the street. You follow them intertwining with other streets pass wonderful flowering yards, trees and just plain beauty. The residences go all out this time of year for this event and even if you are not on this trail you can be overwhelmed by all the dogwood, red bud and getting ready to burst trees throughout the city and county. I took this photo of my neighbors dogwood tree through other trees that are just waiting for their turn to blossom out.

I also noticed as I was having my morning coffee on the front porch that the bluebirds are back again as last year using the same birdhouse I put up every year. I hope you like this photo of the Dad (I think) watching out as the Mother (I think) is inside their home. Dad was watching a house wren nearby that was just chripping like he wanted that house. But there are quite a few in each tree on my property. Needless to say my dear husband does not like it when they light on his vehicle.

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  1. I'm so jealous! Nothing blooming like that here yet.