Saturday, April 16, 2011

Old School House - Sevierville, Tennessee

Sevierville is Dolly Parten's home growing up. For many years as I have driven past this old school house in Tennessee I wondered if Dolly could have gone there or maybe even her past relatives. I decided this day to photograph it as it is a wonderful element to see if you have any nostalgia about the "days gone by".

This old school building still standing with a large tree growing out of its foundation as if it were holding up the wooden building. In the turret is a small bell that looks as if it were still clanging for children to come and learn as the wind gently blows it back and forth, even now. It stands alone in a field surrounded now by a farmer's cows grazing around it.

I wonder how long before it completely falls apart. I'll keep my eye on it, less we forget.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful old building! I was not sewing for awhile but now I am back!!!

  2. These old buildings are so dear to my heart. It pains me to see them not taken care of. So many old homes have been torn or burned down around here in the last few years. I think maybe I should have lived in a different time!

  3. I bet that will stand for many more years, they don't build them like they use too! The ink is for a HP-Hewlett Packard and the ink is 02


  4. Diane -- what a lovely country setting for this old structure. It is amazing that the old bell is still in the bell tower. Vandals like to remove such artifacts and sell them. Perhaps your historical society is aware of who attended the school. A real piece of history for your area. -- barbara

  5. Great picture. I love old buildings like that. Most of the old structures like that it's hard to get a good photo shot of because its grown up the bushes and the like. The grounds are very kept as in the grass looks recently mowed.

  6. Hi Dianne,
    Our family is from Louisiana and we found the old school house while visiting Tennessee at Christmas...We are photographers and historians...can you provide us with any info on the old school? Sure would appreciate it.
    Thanks, Anne ;)

    1. I may have to go visit with the family that has a house close to school to see what they know about it.

  7. Diane - would you send me a copy of this photo to ? I have a group on FB which is all kin from Sevier County, TN - one of them will surely recognize it and I'd like to post it in our group. Thanks Tam

    PS Love your site!!

  8. Dolly was from the other end of the county, on up in the mountains!