Friday, April 1, 2011

Birches of New Hamphire

A few years ago as we were full time rvers we went to New Hampshire. I loved the beautiful white birch trees abundant there. When I came home I decided to do a water color painting of them and then a year later when I got interested in quilting and sewing I thought I would depict the same view but with fabric.

The fabric piece was a first for me to do. I used snippets to make the tree look 3 dimensional with leaves., Then I sewed the trees out of off white fabric then marking the lines in birch with a black pen. The background fabric was two shades of green and then I used a gray fabric to similate rocks around the background of the trees. I then bound it after putting a thin batting and backing on it. Everytime I look at both the painting and art quiltie it brings me back to that lovely time rving to New Hampshire.

My most favorite thing to do sewing is some sort of art quiltie. They are quick to do and of your own design. I do not like to follow patterns., Enjoy!


  1. Birch trees are always elegant to see and have been a temptation to many quilters -- you included. Somehow making a little quilt like this is kind of making the trees your own, something that isn't just glanced at once but something you can captured with your own talent.

  2. I'll have to share this with my mother-she's just started quilting-so unique!