Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring is about to be Sprung???

Don't like to get my hopes up just yet. There is a Walnut tree in our backyard that we watch this time of year. When that tree starts budding we know that cold weather is over and it has not done that as yet. Our pear trees have buds on them as does the cherry tree. We shall see!

But looking out our breakfast window this morning I spotted two birds, wrens I believe, in our plum tree checking our birdhouse and if you click on the photo you can see pieces of grass in one of the birds mouth. She or he just waiting for the right time to jump right in and lay that down for their new borns. Being kind of a nut for birds, took this photo to share with you all. Hope you enjoy one of the signs of Spring here in Tennessee.


  1. Diane -- We are spotting definite signs of spring here in KY. Birds calls, flying insects etc. Don't want to rush it as summers are so hot here. -- barbara

  2. Maybe some of these horny birds just can't wait for the fun part of spring!

  3. Great picture-I'm ready for the first signs of spring too! To answer your question-I don't play any musical instrument-I just love the look of the parlor organ!