Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quiltfest - Pigeon Forge, Tn.

Rainey day so I took my dear husband to a quilt show. There were so many quilts to be seen and a lot of vendors selling unimaginable items to quilt with. The quilts were of different sizes, colors and even shapes. A few quilts you may have seen before by other quilters and then smaller art type pieces that I just love. As you can see my dear husband had to get into the picture to prove he actually went to a quilt show. He is just precious!

As you can see I put a couple of designs on here for a look see as I couldn't grasp how big some were and just got a pattern on photo. I am totally a person who loves color and design. I just thought I might share some of these with you my blogger friends. Whether you quilt or not it is amazing to see what these people put together.


  1. What a wonderful assemblage of quilts on your post. I, like you, like artistic design no matter the medium but especially in textiles. Yhanks for sharing your day out with your husband at a quilt show in TN. -- barbara

  2. Fantastic and I'm sure that's less than the tip of the iceberg. Must have been a super show, lucky you and lucky husband too.