Monday, March 28, 2011

Katie Checks Out Who is Eating

Katie, our boston terrier just had to check out all the noise going on outside of our breakfast room window. I have my bird feeders there so in the morning I can eat breakfast and check out the birds. I just had to share this picture with fellow bloggers as it reminded me of my children when they were small and would look out the window too. Katie, I think has become one of my children now that human ones are all grown up.


  1. Oh yes our pets are our children! I would so love a bird feeder, but in downtown Orlando we have raccoons and they apparently like bird seed also LOL


  2. Dogs, cats, kids -- and we grown-ups, too, the outside world is endlessly fascinating, especially when other creatures are going about their lives all unaware of us. Love this picture.

  3. She's a cutie!1 All our pets are our children since we don't have any-they're a handfull at times-3 cats and 3 dogs!