Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birds of a Feather

I haven't been posting too much lately of items in my crafting room I am doing, but

I did take time to do a little photography.

It was exciting to see this Hawk fly down and land in my neighbors tree. She/he didn't stay to long but I did get this snapshot. Can you see it?

My husband saw a lot of red wing birds on our feeders today and as he walked out to photograph them they flew into a tree. We were surprised because there must have been at least 10 and we never saw more than one or two at a time. We did put up a new suet for them and maybe the peanut butter feeder attracked them. At first I thought they were just blackbirds until they spread their wings and we could see the stripped red on them. Bluebirds are building in my birdhouse. Maybe Spring is just around the corner. Oh Please!!


  1. Love to see the all your wildlife pics!

  2. I have to enlarge the photo to see the hawk - but he's a big guy or gal isn't s/he?

    A bluebird building a nest already in Febraury -- wonderful! Spring is definitely coming!