Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not Caesar's Way!

I have read Caesar's Way to train dogs. Never start feeding them from table scrapes. Well, I didn't listen and now my little, darling Katie is spoiled. My dear husband just shakes his head about it and Katie knows not to go to him for any leftovers from his plate!

I must tell you that my dear husband makes breakfast every morning for us. Usually we eat by the TV watching the news. But lately the news just gives us indigestion so we moved ourselves into the breakfast room which has a lovely big window to watch the birds at the feeders outside. Much better for the digestion I think. But now, we caught this shot of our Katie getting ready for us to eat breakfast. No we do not feed her from the table directly, although sometimes I think she is human enough to. Now tell me, could you resist this little face?


  1. I cannot resist feeding a dog scraps from my plate -- of course I haven't had a dog in eons -- but other people's dogs get treats from me. No apology, they're hungry too.

  2. I've got 3 little faces-I can't resist giving them table scraps either-who would want to eat the same boring thing day after day-I feel sorry for them!

  3. So precious!!! My dogs are terribly naughty because they're so adorable and I let them get away with everything!

    kate (from swap-bot)