Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Has Past

For those of us who were fortunate to spend time with those we love and are loved by I am sure
Thanksgiving Day was just that. A day of Thanksgiving. I think every day should be that except without all the food we manage to stuff ourselves with.
Husband and I travelled up to Maryland from Tennessee to spend it with one daughter, our eldest daughter and her three children. Two grandchildren are in their 20's and one just about to break in to a teenager (oh! boy). We watched videos of them growing up for hours, had long talks about life and I must say my life was very much different from the affluent life they have.

Went to youngest grandsons' basketball game which he scored 4 points and they won. Grandaughter shopped on Black Friday but was wise enough to do it on the internet. We thought we would leave on Saturday as we figured everyone would be traveling on Sunday. Wrong! Took us a little over an hour more than usual, just bumper to bumper on highway 81 South. Must have been the thought of others to leave Saturday too.

Now to be home for awhile and then rving to Florida for awhile to spend Christmas with another daughter and her family, side tripping to son and his family and seeing in-law sister. Next year I am going to insist they all visit me for a change. We are hoping to stop over in Charleston, S.C.
for a couple of days as they really decorate for the holidays there and it really gets your Christmas Spirit moving.


  1. I know it is wonderful to spend time with family you haven't seen in a while ,I will be going to see am Uncle I have not seen in 50 years dec.10th
    Then hopefully after the holidays I will be going to my oldest daughters who just recently moved to Paris Tenn. I have not seen her in almost 4 yrs .
    I have alot to be thankful of too, saw another daughter that lives closer but had not seen in months !

  2. Two happy, gorgeous girls...that's something to be thankful for! - SC

  3. Sounds like the very best thing of the holidays-spending it with the ones you love and creating memories-wish I could be RVing to Florida!

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