Saturday, November 6, 2010

It Is Cold! -

My little boston terrier Kate, loves the sun so she has a habit of sitting in the front doorway when I have the door open to the storm door and the sun shines in. She and her friend, now deceased Miss Kitty, the cat would do that every time I had openned that door.

But a storm door is just that, for storms of coldness and we have started November with a
bang! So Kate has found a warmer place to rest, the couch.

I thought I would share with you Miss Kate bundled up under a blanket that she pulled up over herself on the couch sound asleep. However, naturallly as I got my camera to take her picture, she sensed I was there and looked at me. So here is Miss Kate.


  1. I think we all channel our inner Miss Kate this time of year and drag out the blankets and throws when we're relaxing. I know I do -- I wish it made me look as sweet and lovable as she looks.

  2. Miss Kate looks very happy under her blanket. The perfect place to be when it's cold!
    Deb :)

  3. so sweet! I love Boston terriers!