Friday, October 1, 2010

Since I have been watching a couple of garage sale and antiques people are getting such as on Garage Sale Gal blog. I started to wonder if I could find some neat stuff. I don't need anymore stuff but what I use in my home I will replace from other stuff in my home. (My reasoning to my husband).
Today, Friday there was a community garage sale. Must have been 50 or more going on. This is a yearly thing for this community. So I did find a few things I liked, not that I needed, but I liked so here there are. Not to bore you with prices on each I will saw that it cost me $5.00 for it all. Now on some of the blogs I have seen the items they get are really fantastic but I really know where everything here will be going. (Not in a garage sale as my husband thinks or on Ebay either). Me Me Me! Casa!

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  1. I love to go to thrift stores and garage sales you can always find some great finds,