Friday, October 1, 2010

More of Katie - Brr! Its getting cold outside.

She is growing up! Finally obeys! Read a book by the Dog Wisperer and found out I was doing somethings right but a lot wrong. However, he states that a dog is a dog. It is not a plaything to dress up in clothes, have nails done. It is a dog. Now I agree with that but still she is "my baby". Giving me great comfort and joy along with the training, the vet visits etc. Still "my baby" - "my dog"
Here is my most recent picture of her. She hasn't grown much but has learn a great deal about "sit" - "get down" - "get over here" - "No!
And "get me a beer" (only fooling).


  1. I think I need to read that book! Sweet Pea needs to stop barking! Your little girl looks so sweet in her blanket!
    Good finds from your garage sale shopping! It's so much fun and don't you just love the prices!
    Deb :)

  2. Hi Diane.
    I *love* me some barns, too! Thank you for your sweet comments!

  3. So adorable ! I have a kitty who is black and white too (:
    She made me see how friendly animals can be. She is a good company and a very sweet cat <3

    CinnamonMiaw from Read my blog swap (:

  4. She is adorable I have four dogs 2 golden labs, a cockerdoodle and a westie. They were all rescued.