Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Barns -

I have this affinity for barns. I love them and the older and run down they are the better. You would think it brings back memories of my early years; that maybe I was brought up on a farm. No, I was brought up as a City girl. But as I travelled around part of the USA you would see a barn pop up on the landscape. Some were really falling apart, most were still standing regally as if to say "I am still here". You may see some that have been taken care of in their old age with a new roof or paint being gently taken care of.

It sometime reminds me of age. I feel like an old barn too. I stand there also as if to say "I am still here", yet my timbers creak and my siding is worn and I may even pop up on your landscape sometime.

I wanted to share some of these wonderful barns in Tennessee.


  1. I love your post ! I have a thing about barns too , I was born in PA. my Grandpa had a barn and so did others I was related to .I now live in FL.
    My oldest daughter just recently moved to Paris, Tenn. from Mich .and she has been telling me all about it ,I hope to visit up there soon.

  2. All of them are fine barns but the third is so full of suggestion -- it's my favorite to look at, tho if I were to want one it would be the red one. They're wonderful pictures.

  3. I understand about barns. I love the old ones too. I love in rural Vermont so the countryside is filled with them. Love to photograph them.

    Dakini55 via Swap bot