Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Favorite of Mine - Fall

There is something refreshing about autumn, the end of the heat of summer and beginning of a season of beauty from nature. Openning up the windows for that breeze and smell of the hay that was just cut. Time now for soups, casseroles
and lots of pasta. Best time of year! Also a good time to hide some of those pounds put on. Clothes of sweaters, long sleeves, cordoroy pants, socks and flannel pj's at night. I just love it. Time to change my bedding to flannel sheets and heavier bedspreads. Cuddle weather by the fire.
Next will come winter season. Not to bad here in Tennessee but even if it does bring a lot of snow, to me that would be heaven sent. Going to check out my fall decorations now, pick up a pumpkin or two and bring out the pumpkin pie recipes and hot cider. Happy Fall Y'all


  1. Rhapsodic post and very appropriate photo.

  2. After reading it again I see a little bit of poetry there June. Thanks for your comment