Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer - 2010

This was the hottest summer in Tennesse I have ever lived.
I left Florida because it was so hot ALL THE TIME, well, except for Winter months.
I do know that they had extremely hot weather as almost all the country did.
So, only did one rv trip and that was to Mistletoe State Park in Georgia, which I showed pictures of and it was just slightly cool, just slightly thanks to an outdoor fan we had.
But my summer was filled with happiness in just one weekend in July. My daughter and her son Matthew who I hadn't seen in 7 months flew up here for a visit but just for 3 days. I will take any amount to see them from Florida. I know, I know, Florida is only about 12 hours to her house and to fly only 1 1/2 hrs., but I have lived in Florida for 35 years and don't relish a vacation there. One of those "Been There, Done That" things. Besides at my age it is about time for the children to visit their mother.
But here is a picture to show you Valerie and Me and I think the smile tells it all.


  1. Hey Mom. Loved the post. Uh...do you rotate pics of your smiling face with other kids. I guess that only happens if we come visit. Love you Mom. Phil

  2. Great photo -- and if it entices your other kids to come have a happy visit [as suggested above] all the better. We'll look forward to more smiley photos.