Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random Poetery Again swap

I once again put up a swap on SWAP-BOT for Random Poetry. As before in my
entry under poetry on this blog I had to have a book that I was interested in
turning to any page, any chapter and start to count every 12th word for 15 words and with those words try to make a poem or prose out of them. You could use your own
extra words in it to make some sort of sense. I cannot believe that I have had such
affinity for this. It stirs my imagination and gives me some satification that maybe
with prompts etc. I can write. By no means do I consider myself a poet or a writer. I am a novice to this world but it gives me such satifaction even though my actual
presentation of poetry is not correct in the eyes of those much better at this than I.(or should that be "me").

The book: - Stones From the River by Hegi
The 15 words were: began, were, yet, too, that, took, when, her, off, pillow, breathless, at, her, had, uneven

- Sleepless -

Breathless, she took her pillow

off the bed, uneven were her sheets

What had began as sleep at best

became a dream, yet...

when that became too real, she awoke,



  1. Good poem. Stones From the River is a good book too.

  2. Love your way with words Mom. You'd get a kick out of the fact that I started a journal entry today with...sleepless in Springfield last night. Phil