Saturday, July 3, 2010


My husband Dave loves to make pies. His two very favorites to
make are lemon meringue and apple, from scratch. He started to do
this after retirement and would surprise me with at least one every
twoweeks. This was very wonderful of him to do but it did increase
my body weight, believe it or not. However, never look a gift horse
in the mouth. That is an old saying for you younger people.
I thought I would tickle your taste buds and show you his new found
hobby. Baking!
Update: Dh did it again. I just love having a bakery in the house.
This time it was a peach cobbler. Surprise!


  1. YUM! Love lemon meringue pie! Apple's always good too, especially with ice cream. He's a treasure!

  2. Those desserts look so good. Your husband did a fantastic job.