Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CSI Button

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CSI Project for the week was to create something for the children We do a lot of things for our grandchildren, don't we? Matthew wanted me to "build" him a puppet theater for his aray of puppets a four year old would have. So I found some suede fabric and decided the easiest and stowaway type theater would be made from this fabric and installed in the doorway of his bedroom, to be taken down easily. I had a flap on the window to be put up or down but he did not like that so it was removed. I trimmed a little with black corded ribbon also. He was very sure of how he wanted it so I do believe this young man will grow up to be a director of theater.


  1. Cool idea! Thanks for sharing it- saw you on the CSI Project!

  2. Hello!
    I saw you on CSI project! The best ideas are allways the simplest!!!