Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Father's Day weekend this year was more like a Mothers' Day weekend. My lovely, wonderful daughter and I went to Ashville, N. C. for the weekend. Staying at a lovely little cabin in the Black Mountains which felt like I was in a tree house, having lunch at a fantastic old hotel overlooking the golfcourse and garden, flying in a hot air balloon over the mountains was just tremendously glorious for me and let me check off a few items on my Bucket List.

I thought I would be nervous about the balloon ride but I was surprising calm as it started to rise into the air. I felt so calm almost like I was standing mid air, just standing still. Around me were two other balloons which made for a very colorful sight. It was amazing descending as the ground kept coming up closer and closer. I thought for sure we would be landing on a fence in someone's yard but we didn't and touchdown was in the driveway of some homeowner. Quickly people jumped from the follow van and grabbed ropes and the basket to hold us down. Amazing. They land whereever the winds take us and this was in a private yard. You can never tell where you might land they said. No one seems to mind especially the home owners around that area. People come out and take pictures. Then we hop into the van and they take us back to where we first started from. Amazing, just amazing.


  1. Wow...it took a lot of courage to do that! Sounds like a lot of fun, pics look great...glad you had a good time!

  2. Sounds like a dream weekend. Would love to have been a mouse in your pocket.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  3. Beautiful! The whole world conspired to give you a wonderful group of experiences -- not the least having raised such a thoughtful and generous daughter.

  4. What a wonderful weekend for you! The balloon ride is on my bucket list also!!! How awesome!
    Deb :)