Thursday, June 3, 2010

Master of None

I have looked back on some of the "crafty" things I have done in the past 20 years after my retirement and realized that I am a "little of this and a little of that" girl. A master of none.
I do like to write but I am not an author or considered one but feel like I am more of a "story teller". I have started to enjoy poetry, but am not A Poetress. I like to see words and make something of them. I love to make small quilt pieces, but am not considered a "Quilter" by far.
I love to dabble in watercolor and acrylics, pen and ink but do not really call myself an "Artist". I have tried silk painting, cutting gourds and painting on them, mosaic stepping stones, artist trading cards and art journals to my satisfaction of course. I am interested in all forms of Art, like pottery, silk screening, jewelry making but will not master any of them. Enjoyment I guess is my best forte in Art. I am curious and envious of people who are truly artist in their field of endeavor so I feel I am a little of this and a little of that. Hoping that makes me interesting and keeps me interested.

Here are my gourds that I painted. One I cut the gourd to resemble a basket and then painted fruit on it. The other three are peas in a pod, a large pear, and an eggplant. Recognize them?


  1. It's a matter of what you call yourself, as I said -- not what other people call you. If you call yourself an enjoyer and enthusiast that's totally fine -- just think of those kind of hateful people who don't enjoy much and are bored by everything. Not you, you may be dabbling but so what, you're having fun. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everybody had some of that kind of fun every day?

  2. June, you manage to always brighten my day. Thank you always for your comments.

  3. I looked at those pictures for a long time and could not believe they were gourds, I really just thought you had painted wooden vegetables. I LOVE them.
    I really think that as for what you consider yourself either a quilter, crafter or poetress. Can really depend on what is in your heart at the time. No matter what you call yourself, your things are BEAUTIFUL!

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  4. My goodness April what nice things to say, thank you so much. I am my worst critic most of the time so I appreciate your thoughts.