Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fabric Journal Swap - June

Immediately I think of the beach in June and have tried to capture it in this months' journal swap.

I used several different blues to symbolize both the sky and water and fancy stitched

a few waves. I also used fabric paint to make it look like foam at the waters' edge but I really didn't care for the way it came out. I embellished by putting some shells on it and fused an umbrella on a little wooden skewer and cute a piece of towel to represent a blanket.

I also cut and fused a pair of flip flops as if a swimmer just dove into the waves. It has three layers, top, batting and backing which I used the envelope effect to secure.


  1. Not only clever and totally appropriate but very, speedy! You get a gold star for the first journal quilt done this month.

  2. This is so awesome! You are very talented :]


  3. Looks really nice! I've never tried this sort of fabric collage, as I'm still mildly afraid of my sewing machine...I really want to try now, though! Maybe I need to just swallow my fear and be willing to potentially waste/ruin a little fabric in the name of learning. Thanks for the inspiration!

    - Megan
    miditron on swap-bot