Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hunter Museum in Chattanooga

Lovely museum. Nice to walk through and take your time. Not a lot of people there so we could stand there and just admire it all. I took a picture of a painting I liked partly becAuse I would love to paint vases that look like glass. Amazing work. Also this horse looked like it was made out of drift wood but it was steel. They had a little cafe for us to take a break and have a cup of joe there. Also, there were rooms for children to learn and hear about the museum and where they could draw and post their pictures. Attached is an old 1700-1800 mansion that was also housing paintings of landscapes and a room (bedroom) that had been turned over to a reading room for adults with books and paintings to peruse. Look area in Chattannooga, an Art Area.


  1. The horse is great, I can't believe it's not wood. : )

  2. We may just have to take our grands there next time they are in. We keep saying we're going to take them to Chattanooga. There is so much great stuff downtown!!!