Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Harrison State Park - Tennessee

Taking our RV to the park for a couple of day for a little change of scenery.

Except for the fact that the pollen from the trees budding all over the place it was a

restful time. Except for the fact that our poor Boston Terrier Katie got intestinal sickness (polite way of sayingit) and both of us Dave and I having allergies to the pollen, it was restful.

Here are a couple of pictures of our couple of days.

Pictures of Katie and I while I was sketching.

Pictures of some of the birds on the water where we camped.


  1. Your new dog looks pretty big. Is this as big as he is going to get? Both seem content -- no sneezing or wheezing apparent.

  2. Katie is 1 1/2 now and not growing anymore. She weighs in about under 15 lbs.